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Tin Kan Kitty

If you are looking for a children's adventure book, look no further! Tin Kan Kitty makes an unforgettable outdoor adventure. 

This is not just a book for children ages 3 to 8. It's an inspiring family book that puts a smile on children's faces while teaching them how to become more caring and loving toward their pets. 


Ryan wants to play in the park this beautiful Saturday morning. When he walks to the park by his house, he sees his friends playing tennis. As he is walking, he sees an old red coffee kan. Ryan kicks the kan! What happens next will surprise Ryan and make him sad.  How will he respond to this adventure? Will he choose to do the right thing? Ryan will teach you about making choices and learning about love and responsibility for a pet.


Kids books are often inspiring, but this one will stay quite long in your memory due to

-    A memorable children's story

-    Beautiful illustrations

-    A message all parents want to teach their children. 

C.G Adler was born in Wisconsin and grew up to become an elementary school teacher and the mother to her beautiful daughters. After she retired, she moved to Texas and discovered her love of writing magical, whimsical children’s stories. When not working on her latest tales of adventure, she loves nothing more than walking by the ocean, spending time with her family, and surrounding herself with her pets.