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Grandma Smiley's Gift of Magic


Looking for a whimsical story to delight your kids? Grandma Smiley’s Gift of Magic is a truly unforgettable children’s adventure book, perfect for an inspiring and delightful story to read as a family. Grandma Smiley's grandchildren are visiting for the day, and you never know what wonders lie just around the corner! Grandma Smiley has magical powers that she can use to make special events happen for those she loves.

Aimed at young children aged 3 to 8, this fantastical adventure story is sure to bring smiles to parents’ faces, too. We all need a little more magic in our lives and homes, and Grandma Smiley’s Gift of Magic is a family book that teaches us how to make every day an amazing adventure.

Children’s books have the power to inspire and enchant young minds.

Grandma Smiley’s Gift of Magic - with its rollicking story and cast of amazing characters - will stay in your hearts for years to come. Why? Because it features:

  • heartwarming and beautiful illustrations

  • character artwork that brings this story to life

  • a plot which packs in surprises and magic aplenty

  • more secret magic than you could ever wish for.

C.G Adler was born in Wisconsin and grew up to become an elementary school teacher and the mother to her beautiful daughters. After she retired, she moved to Texas and discovered her love of writing magical, whimsical children’s stories. When not working on her latest tales of adventure, she loves nothing more than walking by the ocean, spending time with her family, and surrounding herself with her faithful pets.